Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Comparing one hour for a week PPS and with Youtube streaming for few times in a week. Hm.. Who will be looting all the connection speed huh? Cabling had ate lotsa speed and hm... Hardly to load a page during those critical hours.

Maybe others might think I'm selfish for using PPS, but I don't think so. One hour for one week watching PPS for entertaining myself while some of them streaming and downloading most of the time. Comparing which, who is more selfish huh? And, I let it stream when most of the people were not at home and watch it when I'm free. Is that call selfish? Hm..

Luckily, thanks to the broadband savior that saved most of the days when I really in needed it. You saved most of the days! ^^ Many many hugs to you~

And I finally decided to buy a fan of my own. Most probably getting it few days later because recently busying with TOO MUCH things where I hardly have a good sleep.

Chaozz now. In the middle of fyp-ing!!

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