I'm Still Alive

Wednesday, August 05, 2009

Just for everyone's information, the pampered princess here is still alive and fine here! Haha! Sorry ya readers due to some unwanted misunderstandings and those stacked up assignments, upcomings tests and also final year project drives me almost half crazy dy! So this might explains those emotional posts and also the less update recently! =)

Just in case you missed me, posted a almost crazy pic of mine. Took it yesterday while studying for this morning's test!

Looks scary eh! Haha!

So, recently besides my busy-ness, lotsa happy stuffs happened too. Gonna keep it for myself for that. And it seems that the Influenza A is spreading till it seems like hard to stop it for now. Why? Cause there's been few cases of UMS students had infected with H1N1 and now we're still lingering around so freely with not much people wearing mask. Gonna get one mask for myself tomorrow and heard that tomorrow the person in charge in UMS gonna announce whether UMS will be closing for a week or not.

Hm~ What will happen if the whole uni close? The students needs to move out from uni ler~ But luckily I'm now staying outside from uni. Hehe~ Hope H1N1 can be controlled. Prayers really strongly needed.

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