The Mask Trend

Monday, August 10, 2009

Due to the increment of people infected with H1N1 in UMS, we're given free mask for protection. Is kinda dull idea for not closing uni, what's the point of getting so much money yet sacrificing people's risks of getting H1N1 huh?

Well, anyway... The day we got free masks, most of us wore it. Well, I guess is not because of prevention, since we got free masks, why not just wear it? Haha~ So, the wear mask trend starts...

Starting to wear mask and some people do make some funny faces with the mask on!!

Kai Li looking at the camera!!

Chien Ping insist not to wear.. Haha~

Camwhore take 1... Sleepy and dull face!

Camwhore 2... Like forcing my eyes to open big version.. >.<

Editted version!!! Haha~

Spend a little time to edit a pic for some at least funny things for this blog! Haha~ I know my blog is kinda boring and dull dy. Sorry ya readers. Still got lotsa things needs to be done. Seems like the stuffs keeps coming in and in till there's not much time for me to at least to take a rest.

Take care ya readers. H1N1 + Haze is still conquering!!! Remember to drink more water!

ps. Btw, Nuffnang has changed it's layout. Giving it a high tech and more organized feel. I like it! Nuffnang rocks!

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