You Go Find!

Thursday, June 25, 2009

Watched 100% Entertainment last two night, an entertainment news hosted by Show Luo and Alien Huang.

In the show, they mentioned a clip that's funny. So, I decided to googled and walah~ Found it...

This clip is about two kids quarelling. Why? The lil' bro lost his big bro's giraffe. So, the big bro got mad and keep on asking his lil' bro to find.... Kinda cute and funny... (ps. It's in hokkien with chinese subtitle. Sorry ya if anyone don't understand~)

But I'll translate abit...

你去找! = You Go Find!

我找瞴! = I Can't Find!

蝦密?= What?

Their mum is very cute as well. Why? Is their mum who recorded and editted the subtitles. What a warm and happy family. Don't you think so too? ^^

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