One Night Stand

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

I know my blog is sorta little bit dead due to my less update and no fun facts. ^^ So, a funny email that I received from Anne long time ago, and tend to share it with everyone. ps. 18 sx

Man: Muahaha~ Nice! You're great ler, the best woman of all that I had before!

Man: Ei? Is this the picture of your husband?
Woman: Nope~

Man: Oh? Then, your boyfriend?
Woman: Also nope~

Man: Ah! I know liao~ Then you're the mistress of this guy!
Woman: Yer.. you are so bad.. No lar~

Woman: Hm.. Do you think he's handsome? Look alike like me?
Man: Oh? Your brother?

Woman: Is the previous me before I had an operation in Korea~
Man: (o.O)!!!!

Have a good laugh~

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