Magra 2009

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Mentioned in few previous post about Magra. Is just a grand prize giving ceremony where students got to get their awards and certs.

Overall, it was awesome. Why do I say so? Due to lotsa my coursemates attended the night and most of it were the committee members for the Magra, the night was fulfilled with lotsa laughters, joys and PICTURES of course.

Using my k800i to took the pictures. For mine, there were 200++ pictures!! Excluding friends' cameras all those. Hehe~ Not cause of my camwhoring habit (although it's still part of the reason), some of my friends used my hp to take pictures resulting the increase of the pictures. ^^

Now, I'll just post some of it okay? Enjoy~

My hair that night. The theme for the night was "Blossoming Moments", where us should wear a suitable attire and accessories based on the theme. ^^

The organising chairperson, Li Hong...

.. and her vice, Jia Yu~

Me with my lecturer, Dr. Ho~

My coursemates with Dr. Ho

The whole ME with the lecturers~

Too little pictures? Not satisfied? Well, just click here, here and here for the whole package of the pictures as I'd uploaded up into the Facebook. Lastly, wanna introduce one blogger that I'd met that night...

June June~ She's pretty that night~

She'd been invited to Magra as she was one of the Dean List recepients. Congratulation to her~ ^^ Well, hope for more meet ups with her and more bloggers too!! That's all for now. Enjoy~

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