Wednesday, March 04, 2009

Recently been busy about mid terms and mid terms. Gonna have 2 papers this week, one next week and another one on the following week. There is still one more subject that haven't got the date for the mid term. Kinda sien ler like this. Cause almost every week will have at least one mid terms which means I still cannot relax abit while most of them can enjoy at least after their mid terms. >.<

Can't wait for the upcoming MAGRA too. What's MAGRA? Is a prize giving ceremony organised by the Sciencetech (from the School of Science and Technology, SST) for SST students who got GPA 3 and above, where they'll get certs, and CPA 3.5, where they'll get medal and certs too, in short, DEAN LIST! Haiz, longing for one actually. (>.<) A cert only doesn't satisfied me. So, aiming for DEAN LIST!!! XD

Well, another reason feel kinda excited on going MAGRA is that I'll be able to meet up with June June, since we're in the same school! XD Can't wait till that day!

That's all for now. Just updating about my life. More to come soon. ^^

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