Sien Lo

Sunday, March 08, 2009

Last month, He saw Danson. Today, my friend, David saw Wu Chun!

Yea~ Wu Chun is in KK now but sien lar~ I missed the chance to meet him and take pic with him!! Actually David called me once he saw Wu Chun. Unluckly me, I was downstairs doing my laundry. After 20++ minutes then I realised my phone got 2 missed calls from him.

After knowing the news, I straight away rushed to 1 Borneo to spot him. Now then I realised 1 Borneo is big. (>.<) I can't even spot him. Or should I say, maybe he's not in 1 Borneo dy? Haiz~ Not my day today. =X

I want to see Wu Chun also lar. (>.<)

ps. David told me his leg was injured. Hope he gets well soon. ^^
pps. David also said he is really really very handsome!! Looks abit like my friend, Season too! XD

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