Are You In A Chinese New Year Mood?

Sunday, January 18, 2009

Chinese New Year is approaching. People are so busy cleaning up the house, baking cakes and cooking, shopping for clothes and more for the upcoming year of the Ox.

As for me, I did my house cleaning last sem break, did not bake any cakes and cookies for this year since I'm now in KK, and there's no microwave for me to bake the cookies. Well, I guess I did some shopping for new clothes. Did bought few pairs of clothes but this year I really bought just a few pairs only because I'm planning a 'Saving Money Plan'~ XD

But as for the mood for the Chinese New Year, hm... Last night went to the Pesta Ang Pow in UMS. At least I can feel an itsy-bitsy mood for the new year but still, something wasn't right. Hm~ Didn't met up with sabahking, junex2 and maybe TNH last night which made me kinda moody. (My fault for not checking the chatbox before I left =X) And last night did not enjoy enough cause can't feel the high-ness. Haiz~Will update more about the Pesta Ang Pow soon.

Seeking for more mood. So, how's your preparation for Chinese New Year?

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