JLPT 4 Supplementary Class

Thursday, December 04, 2008

Whoa, after 5 days, one day around 6 hours classes, it has finally come to the end! Phew~ Honestly, these classes really threatened me. (>.<) Need to wake up early, then go for only-japanese-language's class for like 5-6 hours! Will become crazy de ler...

Materials needed for the 5 days classes, books, notes, past years, exercises etc.

After classes, need to do homework and past years again. Haiz~ Really teruk la these two weeks staying in KK here. (>.<) Didn't really go out again.

Photostated materials already 5cm tall. (>.<) Which included 98-07 past years~

But thank GOD, I'd finally went through it and now Sunday, the JLPT 4 awaits. =D Wish me luck & do pray for me kay?

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