Finally Reached RM50!!!

Tuesday, December 02, 2008

After 1 year and a half plus...

My Nuffnang reaches RM50!!!! Click on the picture for larger view.

So happy ler!! Although not much, but I'm still happy. Hope my next RM50 will come soon. So, readers, continue to support me kay? And here, thanks to everyone who helped me to click on the ads. XD

Some might ask what will I do if I received this first cheque? My first answer, give it to my parents or grandma. Either one. Hehe~ Although not much, but still is I earn de mar.. Hehe~

Now, there's one question here...

Should I cash out now? Since it's the early of the month?

Or should I wait till end of the month?

Anybody can solve this question for me? Specially those Nuffnangers that already received their cheques? And one more question here, if I cash out dy, how long will it take for me to receive the cheque?

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