How Now?! (>.<)

Friday, December 05, 2008

*Ding* My Msn went "You got a new email from Nuffnang". I was like:"Oh? Another advertisement notification or?" But I was so wrong...

I was INVITED to the Kakiis Nite Out!!! Thanks alot to my picture and video post~

I was like... DAMN SHOCK and HAPPY okay? Oh My. But I'm not sure did I win or not. But I am now very happy enough! So, now... My hard questions came...

Should I go or not? Cause it's in Sunway. Means, in KL! (>.<) It's on 13 Dec ler. Tried to check the airfare actually. But this AA ah, don't know what happen. Can't even check. But I can sure the airfare is not cheap. But honestly, I REALLY WISH to go this event ler. Don't know parent allow or not? And, can someone sponsor me? (>.<)

If I'm not attending, I guess my kakiis MUST attend. Who knows I get to win some prizes. XD

Another question, I was allowed to bring another two kakiis to go along with me. So, which two leh? Hehe~ I don't want that fly airplane de ah~ XD

ps. Thanks Robb for the notification. =D

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