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Monday, November 17, 2008

I shall call these friends of mine as "The RC Kakiis" where all of share our friendship moments through RC. Let me introduce some of the Kakiis one by one...

First of all, the leader of the RC Kakiis. A good teacher, and also, a good friend. She's Miss Loy. I remember she just came into our high school, St. Joseph, teaching us Malay when I was in Form 2. She's also our school's RC teacher advisor too. She's always the one who gave us advises and some ideas when we're in troubles, and she's the place where we can split out all our sorrows. Even till now, when we're a university students, we still hang out together and chit chat a lot till non-stop whenever we're back to my hometown Miri.

Miss Loy and me after the RC Appreciation Night Dinner in 2006

Now there's this girl I'd mentioned before, a very good buddy of mine where I get to knew more about her when we're in the same class in Form 4. Her name is Eleanor aka Anne.

Eleanor Anne... Both of us after the RC Dinner Appreciation Night 2006

She's the one who always supported and encouraged me and others no matter what happens. Still remember when we're in Form 4, both of us quarelled cause of some RC problems too. That time was because of one of our friend, she was being so difficult for being herself as the middle person since me and the other friend had some conflict. Cause of this, she had to deal all the programmes for that particular activity all by herself. Being not so experienced in leading and organizing that time, she cried in the middle of the night in school cause not much people wants to help her. Feel bad about it that time. In the end, we, as the RC Kakiis stood up and helped her dealed with those stuffs which made the activity goes smooth. Things were getting better since then. We shared lots of things together. Laugh together, mad together, cry together and even sleep together! XD

Anne and me during Volunteer's Recognition Night in 2006 with Andy and Ngee Kiat behind

And this boy which I'd also mentioned before on the same post, also a very good buddy of mine where he's the one who gone through all the ups and downs in RC together since Form 2. A good partner, good companion, good listener and a good adviser. A very good leader too. Became the Head Section Leader for 2004/2005, being said as a role model for the juniors! XD He'll always thinks about others first rather than himself. He's Jong Jing Kwong aka JJK.

Anne and JJK

Moments of us cannot even finish been told cause there was too much and too much of happy, funny, sad and even mad stories about it. Just let me share one of it, where it left a big SCAR in ME! It was me in Form 5, when I used to stay in school after my morning class for some afternoon activities. JJK was the one who always offered to pick me home since our house is in the same area. As usual, I finished my activity early. So I waited for him at the main entrance while talking with my friends. Suddenly, one of my friend drove his car in, then reversed. Then being a very-slow-respond-girl like me, I did quickly avoided my leg from being hit by the car, but still... MY LEG STILL BEEN HIT BY THE CAR! JJK heard the news and actually he was laughing cause why I so slow-respond! But still, that day I really shout & cried in pain. Still, thanks to him for giving me the first aid treatment when I was in pain. Hehe~

The boy in the picture below is Ng Khin Hooi aka Ah Hooi. He started to get more active in RC business when he was in Form 3. He's the most serious person among all the kakiis. But when it comes to play, WHOA! He's the most craziest one. So don't missjudged by his looks ah~ Haha..

Ah Hooi & me during RC Convention in 2006

The most memorable moment about him with us is when is the night before first aid competition in 2004, there're few of us overnight-ed at my house and did some last training. And when it's about time to sleep, guess what? He hugged one of our kakii's Jsun Loong to sleep. Really I tell you! They hugged so tight ler... Managed to take the picture down but eventually, THEY DELETED IT! (>.<) Oh! This reminds me, on the next morning, I woke each of them up. When I called JJK to woke up, guess what he did? He 'kentut' lar! And he's still sleeping!!! Hmph~

So, now... I'd mentioned about Jsun Loong just now. Wong Jsun Loong aka Ah Chen, was a great junior of mine, a Head Section Leader in year 2006/2007. He's the most funniest, and the craziest person among us. Cause he always love to bullshit-ing around. Haha~

Jsun Loong being tied with ribbons during Kim How's farewell in 2006

There's this thing I really must share with all of you. It was also in 2004, same time when we're having first aid training at my house. Since his house is very very near to mine, we went to his house late midnight and he offered himself to make coffee for us. So, we said okay. Then, we walked back again to my house. He was hungry and he again, offered himself to cook instant noodles for all of us. So, we said okay too. (Actually, it was his first time cook noodles~) On the next day in the morning, before we took of to the competition venue, all of us were not feeling so well and got diarrhoea. So, we suspected was cause of his noodles and coffees that made us not feeling so well. XD

Me and Ah Chen holding the mat during first aid training in 2007

Speaking of Jsun Loong and Khin Hooi, I guess both of them cannot be together. Cause once they're together, WHOA.. they can start gaying with each other and the others will watch and laugh there~ Haha~

The most handsome guy among our kakiis, Lee Kim How aka Ah How or How Boy~ If there's Jsun Loong, sure got Kim How too. These two plus together really can make us laugh the whole day! The most memorable thing I want to share here is when he's about to go to Aussie to study, and we planned a farewell for him. We made the same t-shirt, made a card for him, bought a cake and went to his house. And before the farewell, I remember few days before when we hanged out in the restaurant ate, and chatted till it's about time for the restaurant to close, and yet we still don't want to go back. So, we decided to go to Eleanor's house and continue chatting till early in the morning! Whoa~

Kim How wearing the t-shirt that we designed for his farewell.. See how surprised and happy he is... Haha~

The cake and the card for him for his farewell in 2006

Now, let's talk about Khin Sheng. Khin Hooi's little brother. He'll hang out with us with his brother. He used to be a very shy person, a serious type person too who seldom talks a lot. But hmph, same like his brother, once he talk, he really can make us laugh a lot ler!

Me and Khin Sheng back in 2004 during RC Miri Chapter's 50th Anniversary Dinner. I'm not that tall actually so this is what I did to take a same height pic with him.. haha~

And below this sweet little girl is Eleanor's little sister, Emma. A very crazy football maniac same like her sister. (-_-) I still remember when we're all still in high school, we being the kakiis used to disturb her and Ah Chen, saying that Ah Chen got a crushed on her! Haha~ This girl is great in sleeping. Can say she's the sleeping queen among us kakiis!!!

The sisters... Emma and Eleanor...

And the most funniest thing she did was last year when she need to became a casualty during camp for emergency first aid team test. She need to pretend as a burned casualty. In the end, she 'died' cause no one treated her!! Haha~ A very funny scence and picture below~ =D

Pity~ Pity~ Happened in 2007 during RC Leadership Camp 2007

2007/2008's Head Section Leader, Chua Ngee Kiat aka Kit Kat. I still remember when he first came into Form 1 and joined RC through the Recruitment Day. He's actually a very very shy person. Can say, he's the most shy person among the kakiis. He have no courage to present himself in front of everyone. Eventually, us, as the seniors discovered his commitment towards RC. He eagered to learn first aid, leadership and marching to prove that he actually can done better. However, he has the dark side, which caused him to became a passive boy and always thought negatively. And cause of this, he lost his friends and made more people hate him. The kakiis realized this situation and keep support him, gave him lots of advices until what's him now. He's now a leader that leads and knows how to joke around with the kakiis and make us laugh.

Ngee Kiat with Jsun Loong and Kim How during RC Convention 2006

The most funniest thing is that during his first aid duty, he'll always be the most 'soi' person. There's one time they played at the playgrounf and he sit on the see saw. But he did not realize got water there, so he straight away sat on it and OPPS... he wet his trousers! And there's one time too, when he was trying to save one of the injured people, he ran and ran and saw an obstacle in front. So, he decided to jump over it. But who knows, he can't jump over and fell down! (-_-) Even the casualty saw it and laughed at him. =X

Kit Kat as a participant in RC Leadership Camp 2007 organized by Jsun Loong's batch~ Being told to do some funny action to test his braveness... Hehe~

And now, a same batch boy with Kit Kat, Andy Ling. Both of them joined RC the same way. He is always been a very cheerful person and open minded person. He doesn't mind about criticism on what people have said about him eventhough people said that he's fat. But he still accepted it in a positive way which amazed the seniors. Eventually he improved himself in the first aid skills and also foot drill skill. There's one time, he went to Kuching with seniors to witness the Inter-Chapter First Aid Competition. There was one event organized by the Branch that is the telematch which involved everyone to take part in it. There was one game that a group has to find a couple. Then that both couple, one of them have to be blind folded another person shall stand at the another end of the field to give instruction to that blind folded person to direct him towards the partner. The fastest group will win the competition. Andy was the one who get blind folded while Jsun Loong at the other end giving instruction to him.

Andy and Emma during Volunteer's Recognition Night 2006

The funny part comes. Because Andy wanted to win the First Aid Competition for us, so he walk as fast as his can. Jsun Loong shouted the instruction only walk straight walk straight, so Andy decided to use run instead of walk, so can win the competition. So he ran and ran SUDDENLY… PONG!!! He hit onto the flag pole and fell down!! At first we thought is what sound, then look at the field, Andy whole person fell on the ground, lying there. lol. Sooo loud when he bang on the flag pole. So we went to see in a rush, then we helped him wake up and sit on the chairs. He said is very painful and his head starting to swell liao. Hahaha. Then we all tried to recall back what happened. We found, its very very funny!! Run fast fast and bang onto the flag pole! Andy himself also laugh together with us. Haha.. He really can make us laugh.. hahaha.. that’s one of the best moments on what we had gone thru together all these while. Lolx.

A group pic after the Inter-Chapter First Aid Competition.. which means.. after Andy's head been knocked!

And I can tell you, us kakiis cannot stay together in one house I tell you. Cause there was this RC Convention every year where each year was held in different city. Every year when there's us kakiis going, we'll be staying together and had pillow fight! The guys specially can FIGHT till the feathers' flying everywhere. You know what I mean~ Hehe... Not only pillow fight. The guys can start gaying each other very roughly till there's no way you can avoid~

A picture of us after the Volunteer's Recognition Night in 2006

Hm... While typing all these, the memories kept flashing in my mind. That was so nice. All of us, from different background, different ethnics, and different age, but still united together through RC, and became very good friends. =D

Whoa~ I guess I talked a lot for this post. These are just a little part of the moments with the kakiis. Eventually, there's still a lots more kakiis and moments to share with all of you. But for now, might just share some with all of you. =D Hope the tons of words did not made you yawning. XD

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