200th Post

Wednesday, January 09, 2008

This is my 200th post. And today I blog-ed alot. Is it a good news or vice versa? Hm~ What can I say about this post? Recently, well it's been a while, I found out everyone around me was very moody, specially my dearest family and friends. Was chatting with one of my good buddy just now. He is one of the moody ones too, but he was a strong one I can see. He mentioned in his nick that all his dears also moody which makes him don't dare to no mood. He tried to cheer up his dears instead of cheering himself up. Well, maybe it's one of the way to cheer own-self up by cheering other people up. This feeling is truly I can understand, specially after I entered university and started to live by our own. I guess most of my friends will have this kind of feeling too. This I really can understand. Companionship and sharing thoughts are very much important when someone started to have this kind of feeling. That's why true and trust-able friends are very important for everyone of us. And I true-ly hope for happiness can surround him, my good buddies and everyone of us.

It's been alot of fun and joy when we're still in high school years, when we're still living with our family and we're still in Miri. We shared everything and spent most of the times together. Now each and one of us separated and go to our own corner and have our own life, our own studies. I agree that we still can share our everything using those high-techno thingy. Seriously, it's hard to really can find friends that can truly understands and willing to hear and share problems. That's what I told one of my best buddy just now.

I knew him for almost 10 years, hm~ get to know his name when I was in Primary 6. And when I was in Form 2, he started to enter the same world of mine. We shared and learned lotsa things together. We joked, played, enjoyed, and even quarrelled too. Shared most of the ups and downs together also. Even last semester when I was in UMS, sometimes when I was feeling terribly down, I shared my feelings with him too. He's one of my best buddy that I've known. Was chatting with him just now and shared my feeling with him also. He told me that I should find someone to share my feelings too at here, at UMS here. Honestly, I knew one. Last semester we get along fine, being good friends, sharing some experiences too. But now I'm thinking, this semester can we get along very fine too? Being good friends and maybe can be the same kind of friendship like me and my best buddy? I really wish too. Really wish to have at least one best buddy here like my best buddy in Miri.

Now let's talk about her. Although I don't know her as long as him, but she's as much as important like him too. My best buddy too. I've known her when I was in Form 2 but we get much and more closer when we're in Form 4. Been through also up and downs and quarrels too. She live near to someone which is important to me. I'm a kind of girl which hardly tells my feelings with girls. So that's why I'm more close to guys. I think it's because of me being the only daughter in my family and have a two big brother. But this best buddy of mine is exceptional. She's the only one, the only girl buddies, that I can share my feelings with. She understands, she helps alot also. I really appreciate her and him alot. Two of my best buddies which are important to me.

Gee~ I don't really know what's up to me today. Anyways, there are two wishes that I wish for. One, is I really wish that I have best buddy here. And my other wish is Happiness. Happiness to me, to my dearest family, to all my friends and my buddies and to YOU too.

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