Kudat Trip III

Thursday, October 16, 2008

The night in the longhouse!!! So, actually we're staying in the Rungus' longhouse. Just for readers info, Rungus is a sub of Kadazandusun. =)

Pictures and videos time!!!!

Our meal that night!!!!

Erm.. The taste, you may ask?

Ok ok lar... Just too bad...

.. there's no PORK!!! Opps... =X

After our dinner, the Rungus performed some of their cultural performance. =) First, is one of their famous bamboo game called tinikling. (ps. thx to anynomous for the info^^) Materials need? 4 long equal bamboos and 2 other short ones. How to play?

This is how~ They're damn good and fast I tell you...

So, to heat things up, me and Wei Chon be the first to try...

Honestly, it's kinda fun and I if I did this everyday, I might burn all the fat up XD

Later on, everyone have their first try... As usual, the guys posing again, looks 'yeng' before they play...

.. but you see how's their pose while playing? Hahaha!!! Damn funny ler~

And now the girls... For girls ah, just keep it low shall we? =)

They get to hold the bamboos too!!! See their faces, kinda evil eh? They move it damn fast ler... So, the people playing needs to jump damn fast to prevent their leg kena 'kiap'.. -_-

Enough with their games, now it's time to see their first traditional performance~ They're wearing their traditional costume actually~

This dance is where the male take the lead while the ladies are behind him~

After that, we get to...

joined in their dance too!!! A nice experience actually~

Next up, is another Rungus traditional dance using bamboos~

After that, some musical performance. First up, the turali... This is where the lady blew her flute using her nose. Nose? YES!!! It's N-O-S-E~

Then, followed by Sundakan. Played by the guys, where their tradition, the guys were not allow to confess to the girl they admired directly. They only can play their own guitar-like instrument to express their love towards the ladies. It's their culture though~

After all the sharing of their cultural's stories, they gave us this. Another game actually where your task is to get the string out of it. =)

And the winners got a chance to joined them in drinking the tuak aka rice wine!!

I din get the chance to taste a single sip of the tuak actually. (>.<) I really want to try actually but due to some circumstances... Haiz~ So, that night was a fun yet a rough night for me actually. Why fun? Cause I got to understand more about their cultures and took part in it too. The rough part? Hm~ Well, I'll just keep it low. Don't want to spoilt the whole-post-mood-thingy~ =)

That's all for this post. Coming up in Kudat Trip post...

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