Sunday, August 03, 2008

New semester starts an activity with a little small steamboat at my house. This time with Kai Li, Wei Chon, Yee Feei, Chien Ping, Ser Yuan, Ah Sim, Wei Kwan, and Ah Hau. Why suddenly want steamboat? Neh~ Kai Li wants to eat fishball loh. That's why loh~ Haha~

So, that morning me, Sim, Kwan and Chon went to market and bought some goods...

Choosing fishballs...

Then, in the evening we started to get ready. We fried some fries...

.. and she keep eating the fries while we are still frying~ (-_-)

Goodies that we bought...

.. for our steamboat~ Alot?

Started to camwhores before starting our steamboat~

Yuan, Sim and Kwan~

Sim, me and Kwan~

Waited for quite sometimes, finally... "Itadakimasu"

Continue take pics while eating~ Haha~

See they all snatching the goodies~ Lol~

Snatched from Yuan, that's why his face so (-3-) Haha~ (self-edited)

Yeah again~

We're actually watching tv while having our steamboat~

Cleaned up after eating~

Well, we ate almost 80% finished that night. Still got left overs where we cooked it up the next day as our lunch. Haha~ A quite satisfied steamboat night that day. Lastly, I end this post up with 3 of our steamboat pictures...

The original yeah version~

Kai Li's yeah's version~

And my yeah's version~

Haha~ Kinda busy these few days so will try my best to update often. =)

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