300th Post

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Should be a busy weeks these few weeks due to the upcoming exams. Not final, but important exams which will determine my final marks. Gee~ I guess I'm stress bah, or not? Cause of those *@#&! subjects and I don't even know what the heck the lecturers are teaching. Felt that this sem is going to be a boring semester. Haiz~

That's why my mind is blank which resulting me don't know what to post. These to add together conclusion is no less update. And these leads to a new calculation by me...


Hope the study mood will come soon. Do pray for me~

And will update soon whereas my mid semester break is coming soon. 10 more days to go. =P Lastly, readers out there, please click the nuffnang lar. I need $$ desperately to go shopping~ =D

(ps. my 300th post~ Hurray? or not?)

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