3 Things

Monday, August 11, 2008

First thing... Dead~ Did really freaking bad for my Advance Maths's Mid Term this morning. Never Seldom did so bad before. Gee~ (>.<) Oh well, tomorrow will be the last mini test before my mid-sem break arrived.

2nd thing... More and more people telling me that I'm getting more fat. (o.O) Is it a good news or not? NO FOR SURE!!! So, I hope I'm in a diet mood. But foods are too attractive till you just can't resist~ Don't you think so too? =)

3rd thing... 5 more days to go~ Gonna be back there soon. SO I WARN MY FRIENDS HERE HO.. DON'T GO VISIT THE PLACES I'VE NOT YET BEEN WITHOUT ME HO~ CAUSE I ALSO WANNA GO DE~ If you guys go there without me, means I will have less of chance to go there already since MOST of you went there dy~ Hope you guys can tolerate. =)

Just these 3 things to split out. Take care everyone.

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