Danson & Joe in Malaysia V

Friday, July 11, 2008

More Danson and Joe clips founded in youtube for the press conference in The Summit Hotel. Thanks to uppayuji for the uploads.

Well, after all these interviews, here comes the meet the fans session where there were only 300 fans were able to enter this session to watch some clips on They Kiss Again with Danson & Joe. And happily, I'm one of the 300!! Haha, and again, thanks to mydanson for the great chance. Below are some clips. Thanks to uppayuji again for the uploads.

And below was recorded by me. Low quality abit as I sit in the middle and kinda back. Hehe~

After watching clips, little chat with the MC all those of course the thing I wanted was.. PHOTO TAKING SESSION!! =) My favourite picture of all...

Our FIRST pic~ Can you spot me and them?

Well, this is not only the pictures la~ Below were all the pictures during the meeting the fans session. Enjoy~

That's all for now. More pictures and clips coming up soon~ Take care~

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