Fear of the DARK

Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Darkness in KK!!! Click here for the news. There was no electricity for around 5 hours in every little corner in KK!!! And guess where I was that time? I was in library’s 24 hours there since noon. Luckily there got light~ Was supposed to wait till got electric then go back hostel. Who knows till so long still no electric.

Too pekcek then plan to go back. NO BUS AGAIN!!! That time 10++ dy. Luckily got friends beside me. Thanks to Wei Kwan, Xiang Xiang, Ying Sing, Ah Yap, Michael, Ida and Elaine for your accompanies from library back to hostel. Thanks to Kai Li and Kak Wanie also for mafan both you to come down from your room to acc back to my room. Thanks to Janice & Cheo Kuen for acc me bath. Thanks to Him, Wei Kwan, and Season (aka 33 & WuZun =P) for accompany me and get rid of my fear by msging me.

I fear darkness. I scare of darkness. But thanks to you all. =)

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Btw, heard of ‘orang minyak’ before? Heard that UMS’s hostel AB there got wor~ Careful ya everyone~

12 days left till I met Him. Days awaiting~ =D

Lastly, I decided to remove the melody from my blog for a moment. Some of you out there may feel relief after all those irritated and annoying melody of my blog here. = But will put back soon when I feel to.. =3 Tata~

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