One Day to Kundasang

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Yeap~ Yesterday went to Kundasang with Chien Ping, Wei Chon, Ser Yuan and Jik Chao. Rent-ed a Kancil and there we go. TO KUNDASANG!!!

First we stopped at the 'LEG' of the Mount KK there. And Brr~ It's a very cool weather there. So, we stopped there a little while and took some nice pictures.

Then, off we go again to hour destination. Well, the roads a actually turning here and there which made my head turning here and there too. (>.<) But still, we reached our destination!!!


Went to the Canopy Walk, the Small Waterfall which I forgot the name, and the man-made hot poring for sure. Unfortunately we can't play inside the natural ones and I don't know why. =\

The Natural HOT PORING~

Canopy Walk~

And the Nice Small Waterfall~

Well, now for the pictures with no captions... Lazy =)

Planning to going there again cause there's still alot of places which we still didn't manage to go. Got the Strawberry Park, Bat Cave, the Bigger Waterfall etc. That's all for now. Oh ya, the rafting trip that should be today had been canceled due to the weather interruption. =( And before I sign off... myspace graphic comments
Blessed Easter To Everyone~

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