Dermatoglyphics Research

Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Fingerprints needed!!!

Went to this Dermatoglyphics Research last week where our fingerprints are needed. Why you may ask? From our fingerprints, they can tell us what’s our personality and which are the most career for us in the future.

Firstly, we went in there and fill in some forms and questions.

Then, they painted rolled our hand in black colour ink…

.. then placed our hand on the pieces of the forms that we filled...

.. then walah!!! Our handprint~

Later we went to wash our blackie hands while waiting for our turn

It’s our turn then they scanned our fingerprints into the pc and they started to describe and tell us what’s our personality, bla~ bla~ bla~

Hm~ How true you may ask now? Well,she told me that my leadership is very very strong until it overcomes my creativity and those curiousity-ness in me. And she told me also that I’m a person that when thought about something then I’ll go done it. Still got… I’m good in interacting, which means my socializing is much ok. About my future ler… Hm~ She said I’m actually already had a plan in my future career in my mind. So, basically which career and subjects for me is all okay. What do you think? Correct or not about what she said?

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