Even vs Odd

Friday, March 07, 2008

Now here's one question. Between even numbers and odd ones, which one will you choose?

For me, I'll choose even numbers. Cause even numbers are more easily to be paired with, and none of them will be left-ed out alone. Now try to imagine that you are in a group with odd numbers, and suddenly they needa team up in pairs. Unfortunately, you are the one who don't have the other pair and be the odd ones. What will you feel?

The ones who had been left-ed out. The others knew about this but they still act like nothing happened at all, as in like there's this in their mind...

If you knew about this when you are the odd ones, what will you feel? The feeling sure sucks right? Because you'll suddenly felt that there's like a big, dark hole when you're alone inside and no one understands your feeling of being alone. You felt like crying but no one knows. You wish for someone to at least care but no one does. You hope you can really scold and scream it all out but you just can't.

Why I know? Cause I'm in this kind of situation before, since long time ago. No need to ask who, how and why or what happened when I'm having this kind of feeling. Maybe some others might not have this feeling, but I can sure that someone like ME, the ones who NEVER EVER LIKE TO BE ALONE, sure will have this kind of feeling. I just hope that no one will be left-ed out. And honestly, I already started to dislike them but I hope I'm not.

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