Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pekcek-ing~ Feel so men-pekcek-kan since just now and I don’t know why. Haiz. Started to feel sick again just now. The disease comes to me again. I really hope to enjoy each and every moment of my life. I want to smile and feel happy from the bottom of my heart. Smile and be happy. SMILE AND BE HAPPY.

Till now I’m still wondering, can I find the thing that I want to find here? I just want to be happy. That’s it. True happiness. And again, happiness and smile from the bottom of my heart.

Been an active girl since high school so what? Been a Head Section Leader in school’s RC so what? Been a Vice Chairman for Youth Leader Committee so what? Been a Head Prefect so what? Organized and attended a lot of camps and activities so what? Represented schools and division to various competitions so what? Got so many certificates so what? Got the National Award so what? Got the Best Youth Leader so what?

Did so many so what? I’m still a fat + ugly + stupid + clumsy + blurry + crazy me. Sheesh… Conclusion for this post, I want to be HAPPY!!!!

Aiyah!! Who cares? No one and nobody willing to share it here. Sheesh~ In the end, still pekcek lah~ I want to cry can? Can someone lend me your shoulder here to cry on? =\

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