Pekcek-ing II

Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pekcek-ing again and the same reason I DON'T KNOW WHY!! Today everything got worsen. I threw up again! Dang~ Sheesh!!!! I think is beacuse od the same problem again that I'm struggling now. Some of you out there might know what's happening ya?

My mind is now... EVERYTHING~ Everything as in nothing actually. Was supposed to get another extra subject, Principal of Economy for this semester actually, like I'd mentioned before. But then, some STUPID PROBLEMS OCCURED which made me unable to add this course which ends up me studying 18 credit hours for this semester instead of 21. Sheesh~

Same problems occuring now with me. And I'm still hoping for the same thing. I wanna be HAPPY. The happy ones that I was before. Glad to hear that some of my friends out there are getting better and back to their good mood already. And I hope that I can be like them too. Like what YOU told me before don't destroy my life. Don't worry. I won't destroy my life. I'm still seeking for happiness here. That's why FRIENDSHIPS are important.

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