I Jogged For The First Time

Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Can you all believe it? Haha~ I couldn’t believe it either. I jogged for the first time in UMS!!! Wakaka~ It was on the previous Monday, 14 January 2008, where Wei Chon messaged me telling me that he went to a place in UMS where the scenery was nice and it was not very far only. So he offered me asking me whether wanna jog there or not? Well, for a person like me of course I’ll say yes la~ Can see something nice wor~ So, I asked Kai Li and Sau Fei along but one was sleeping and the other got something to do. So, it ended up with me, Wei Chon and Chien Ping went jogging to the destination.

Well, that place was actually situated at the corner of the university where there were marine laboratories, marine research, Outdoor Development Center aka ODEC, the UMS aquarium museum, and also the jetty and the beach. Thanks to me, we took 1 hour ++ to reach there. Haha~ Me slow like tortoise bah… Hm~ Not really la cause I walk more instead of jog. Wakaka~ Ok lah. Too much talkings already. Just see the pictures ba…

One nice looking sunset view taken by me while walking to our destination~

We reached the UMS ODEC here first...

.. where this is one of the obstacle, the Flying Fox~

Then also the place... (The one behind looks like a resort~ But actually not lah~ Donno what's that~ Haha~)

.. where the marine students...

..get the resourses for their research~

One of the side view...

.. and another one~

The blurry jetty view

This was written on one of the tree on the rocks by the beach. He went here before and wrote it actually.. (=.='')

Then, we cross over the rocky rocks instead of walking pass through the sandy road (=.=)

We almost reach the sandy beach~

Took the scenery...

.. while walking again~

Finally, we reached our destination!!! The beach in UMS!!!

The blurry view at the beachside~ Well, there are people living there~

Hm~ Just then I realized I've been fooled. It wasn’t that near actually. It was so damn far la!!! And the scenery was nice from the top, but kinda let down after we reached the beach because the beach very dirty ler. Still, we went to down to the beach. Along the beach I saw the rafting boats. I guess those are for the activities during the ODEC. Then, while talking and having fun, I found something. They saw it and plan it to catch it and gave it to Kai Li since she wants to sleep instead of joining us.

So, they caught it and passed it to me to gave it to Kai Li. She saw that something and was shocked. Not only her, her roommate too~ The expression of their faces was really very funny. Haha. Well, I guess she will give it to Yee Fei instead since Yee Fei wants it. Hm~ I think that something not really that scary ler…

Scary mer? =P

We planned to go again next time. Hehe. Guess that’s all for now. Cheers~

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