La Noche En Espanol

Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Spanish Nite was held on the 12 January 2008, Saturday, in the Recital Hall which was organized by Spanish Club with the theme of “La Noche En Espanol” which means Night at Spain or aka Spanish Nite. Went there with Anna, Wei Chon, Chien Ping and Yee Fei. Nothing much to talk about cause I’ll just let the pictures do the talkings.

*ps. Some of the pictures might be very blurry =)

La Noche En Espanol~ The ticket wrote 'de' instead of 'En' and I'm not really sure which is correct~ Hehe..

Venue: Recital Hall

Starting off with the a small dance~

After some speeches from the VIP…

.. there goes the drama performance…

.. of Romeo & Juliet

Next, Choral Speaking~

Then, ‘Chef’ Dan demonstrated a typical Spain Food…


Next up…

.. the…

.. 'Flamingo' Dance~

Not bad eh?

Followed by the so-famous…

‘Betty La Fea’ drama~

Then, some poems performed by one of the Spanish student and the show ended with some Spanish students singing some Spanish songs. Unable to post the pictures and the clips up. Thanks to my so-good K800i for messing the whole pictures and clips up. Recorded and took some pictures actually, but I just don’t know why when I have a look back into the album, it’s just all black and I can’t even play the clips. (>.<)

Oh well, overall was just okay okay only. The ‘Betty La Fea’ and the singing part attracted me the most. Cause those two performances can be said the best for the whole night. Haha~ There were lucky draws too during that night. But the ‘so-lucky’ me, where got the chance to get the prizes right? =P But at least we get to had a voucher coupon of 20% discount to Barcelona... Restaurant~ Haha...

That's all for now. Cheers~

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