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Wednesday, January 09, 2008

Well, well, well... I finished my class damn early today. Well, actually there were tons of students attending the class but the class were too small to fit all of us in. So, we end up doing nothing there taking our attendance and that's it for this class today. (=.='')

Currently online-ing at library. Well, this is the first tiem for me, for this semester, to enter the library. Entered the multimedia area. (o.O) Shocked!!! It was fulled with 500 flat screen HP1740 pc for the students to use. Cool~ And the connection here was fast too. =D Will take the picture and post it up next time.

The coolest thing in UMS for this semester is that, the whole UMS are fully wireless-ed!!! So, now everyone can online anywhere for free!! Erm, almost everyone except the ones who lived in Hostel E, the ones I stayed now. Dang! I still needa pay for the coupons in order to online whereas the other students who live in other hostels can online free-ly!!! That's unfair la~

Guess that's all from me now. Take care everyone.

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