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Saturday, January 12, 2008

Was suppose to upload some simply random pictures that I took yesterday, 11 January, Friday in UMS. Sadly, stupid wireless connection sux till I can't upload it! (>.<) Will upload it when it can be uploaded ya?

It's so cool that when you get to online 24-7 with free wireless facilities right? Don't know why suddenly since last night I get to online for free in my room. =P But dang!!! Now I needa online back using the eating-money-coupon-that-waste-people's-money. That is so unfair we still needa online unfree-ly. (>.<)

Tonight will be going to Spanish Nite. Hehe~ Looking forward for tonight. Enjoy and take care.

*updated* 11.57 am

Suddenly can online for free again. Hiak hiak~ And I can upload the pictures taken yesterday. There it goes...

Was having breakfast with Kai Li at library after watching the Japanese Culture clip in library...

... and we had Chicken Chop Rice for breakfast. And this is Kai Li's version of her meal. Donno why she suddenly go eat her rice starting from the middle. And so, she deco it.. Haha~

And this is the picture of dozens of new flat screen HP desktop in the library. Fully connected with wireless and streamyx connection. Can online for free!!!

The closer look of the desktop computer~

Went to Canselory to add another minor course for this semester with Kai Li, Chien Ping and Wei Chon. The two guys so cruel walked so fast left us two girls so tired and can't catch them up...

So we sat in the lobby wait for them while wandering around and take some pics~ Haha~

That's all for now. Update soon. Chaozz~

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