A Little Hapiness

Thursday, December 27, 2007

A little happiness received by me and us. I finally got to know my first semester result. Finally it was out after few days waiting.

UF 3202 – Japanese Language : A
UE 8032 – Literature & Gender : A-
EA 1023 – Choir : A-
UF 1003 – Ethnic Relation : B
UF 5063 – Mathematic Logic : B
SM 1043 – Statistic Economy : B-
SM1053 – Mathematics I : C
ST 2052 – C Programming : C+

Overall, I got 3.05 out of 4 for my CGPA & CGPS. Quite satisfied with my pointer and thanks to all the PPIB courses for pulling my pointer up. Quite shock when saw my Statistic result, it was better than I expected. Kinda disappointed with my Gender and Logic. Was expecting getting A actually. Hehe~ Congrats to my friends for getting good results also. And to some of my friends who want to retake some of their subjects, good luck and don’t give up. If there’s anything that I can help please tell me ok?

That’s all for this post. Signing off now.

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