Saturday, December 29, 2007

Last 2 two nights went out-ing with friends. The day before yesterday went to Bamboo Cafe & also Taman Awam with Duan Xun's gang. Did took pictures but all pics are inside friend's camera. =) Last night, went out with 2 of my best buddies, Anne & JJK. Suppose to be more than 2 but most of all couldn't make it. Oh well, we went to Hotspot and below were the pictures. Lazy to talk more so I'll just let the pictures do all the talkings.

We went to Hot Spot yesterday~

The deco there was nice. I like the lightened golden bells that was hanging there...

.. the clearer ones~

The drinks that we ordered~ Obviously the green tea was mine =)

The choice of mine... Chicken Chop...

.. JJK's choice... He ordered this and 20 balls of various seafood balls which made our stomach very full (=.=)

Anne's choice... She ate this...

.. and this!! She ate the most for the night~ Hiaks~

Started to camwhore again... Haha~

Take one~

Take two~

And finally, we took pictures with the golden bells =)

Me and Anne

Me and JJK

And the 3 of us~

After all those eating, drinking and chit-chatting.. Time to go home. Took pictures again! Haha~

The last picture of the night where we took it at the stairs there =)

And below are the same pictures but taken using different camera. So, the result also different lo~ I prefer the below ones. More nice effects. =D

Did at least enjoyed. At least I can get the troubles out of my mind for several hours. That's all for now. Going back to UMS on the 31 Dec. So, will be celebrating New Year in KK. Not much plan though. That's all for now. Take care.

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