2007's Christmas

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

This year’s Christmas, I just couldn’t enjoyed it. Not only me, it’s us. It’s been year, and now it’s getting more and more worst. Everyone of us didn’t really enjoy our days just because of this. And all of this is all because of YOU. Everyday we live in worry-ness and not even one day, not even one day we didn’t mentioned about this thing. This place now is full of arguments, worry-ness and sadness. I want and I really wish everything back just like before. But NO. The only way everything will be like before if the problems is solved and if and only if the problem can and will be solved.

This year’s Christmas, the most valuable Christmas present I wish and want to have is happiness for us. I want everything just like before. I couldn’t and wouldn’t want to see everyone is crying so badly. The tears flowing down from your eyes made my heart got hurt and my tears flowed down too. I don’t dare to say what will happen to us. But if this really continues again and again, all of us including will be crazy. Really will get crazy.

All I want for Christmas is happiness, happiness that will surround me and us. Merry Christmas everyone. Sign off with a video clip from N’Sync’s Merry Christmas and Happy Holiday.

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