30 August 2006

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Back to 30 August 2006, where it left the scar in our heart. It was early in the morning where we used to car pooled and went to school early. That week was using Y**'s car instead of mine. Being always lazy me so he would always be the driver instead of me. We'd gave away our prefect duties and jobs to our juniors so we went back wearing our normal Form 6 students uniform instead of wearing the grey skirt and trousers.

We took the usual straight road to school. That morning on the road, there was a big maroon lorry, not sure how many tonnes but I know is the very big ones, in front of us and in front of the lorry was a white car, proton car most probably. Trying to cut both of the transports, he signaled and turned to the next lane to cut the lorry and the the white car. Half way cutting the lorry, I saw the lorry signaled in such a sudden wanted to cut the white car in front too. Without realising our existence on the road he just signaled and cut the car in front just like that. To avoid and prevent accident happened, Y** had to drove the car through the bushes beside the road.

On the same time, along the bushes, there was him riding a bicycle heading towards us whereas the car heading towards him. I saw him panic-ing where he was riding the bike unstable-ly. I saw him was scared when saw the car heading towards him. But then, BANG!! It just happened. The front and the front passenger's car was all broken. Blood spilling everywhere on K**'s shirt. The small pieces of mirrors were all around us. I saw all my friends were safe and all okay. Then I straight away went out to find him. On that time I was thinking, is he alright? Is he really alright? Whereas the other three in the car realised there was a hand on the gear. Three of them were shocked and just then realised we knocked on someone. While on the other hand, I'm outside looking for him. Without realising I stepped over him. I can't find him at first and I just saw 4-5 dead puppies lying beside the road (Heard that he found the puppies and brought the puppies along with him). Then I turned over and I found him. He was covered with bushes. Once I found him I shouted and called at him, asking is he alright? Asking can he hear me? Asking can he talk or something. I knew I was scared but I was still able to called the ambulance to come asap. I called ambulance and called Ah B** right after that.

On that time, F*rd*** and his friends was on the road saw us. He stopped aside and realised what happened. He stayed and others were back to school to report. Ah B** arrived too. With the help of B** and F*rd*** , I was able to moved the bushes that covered him. I knew B** was scared also, really scared I can see from his face. Then we saw his faced-downed-body. His body without his hand! Just then I realised he had lost his whole hand. But I was still able to stay sort of clear although I was really scared.

Y** called the police and I called mummy too. I'm trying to stay calm but once I heard my mum's voice, I just couldn't hold any longer. Tears starting to fall from my eyes. I was really scared at that time. I heard mummy crying too. Then mummy informed daddy and grandma and they rushed to the scene. While waiting for everyone, I gave a little first aid to K** cause there were small pieces of mirrors all over him and even in his throat.

The ambulance finally came, along with the reporters. The reporters started taking photos here and there. We were asked to get into the ambulance and wait. By that time, S*** got severe shock but he was still able to hold on. Later on, grandma, daddy and uncle arrived. I came out from the ambulance and hugged grandma and cried on her shoulder. I was really very scared. Madam N and Cikgu H came along trying to handle the situation.

Then we were sent to hospital for check ups. We got injected and worst was K** where he need to lied on the bed to get rid all of the small pieces of mirrors that were on his face and some that were still in his throat. Then after all the check ups we were sent to police station for statements. Y** went in first then followed by K**. While waiting for them I saw my Maths book covered with blood. Mdm S** came and was there when she heard the news. She told me to throw the book away and so I did. Waited till noon then it was me and S*** together went in for statement. Been compliment by them for being brave. But honestly I was really scared at those time. But I know I need to be very strong and tough.

After the day, he was still in my mind. The image of him panic-ing and scared was still in my mind till now. Whenever the day arrived, even sometimes I get along the road, he was still in my mind. Even till now while I was driving, when there was a big truck or lorry beside me I'll start to fear. Even when I'm sitting in the bus where the driver drove very fast I'll start to fear too. The reason for me telling all this thing out was just to jot each and every feeling of mine out in my blog. I knew the other three won't be reading my blog and anyone out there who knows this don't ever let them know about this post! Cause I understand how they feel specially Y**. If he knew this he'll feel very guilty about it. So, I warn you guys and friends out there. Don't ever let them know I did post this post on my blog.

Coming Wednesday will be the 2nd hearing for this case. I know Y** is still worrying. Even me myself is worrying about it. What will happen? What will really happen?

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