The Second Hearing

Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Reached the court around 8.50 a.m. Thanks to Min San for bringing me and K** there. Y** was there already. We waited outside the magistrate court while waiting for it to start. Went in around 9++ a.m. A lot people was there too. So we waited for our turn. The atmosphere was okay at the beginning because there are all those small civil cases. Waited for 2-3 hours and yet still not yet our turn. Seeing one by one being called and then went out for the small cases was okay okay. Who knows when it came to the more serious ones, such as robbery all those cases, including our ones, the atmosphere is getting uneasy and uneasy. At the beginning the plaintiff or the respondent what-so-ever were asked to stand at the side only. But when it comes to the more serious ones, such as robbery all those, including our cases, the people were asked to stand in the middle of the court, the place where the criminals usually stands. I was surprised and the feeling is getting more and more hard for me.

The atmosphere also was getting more and more tense. My heart was beating more and more faster and I’m getting more and more pressure and worried. Earlier on before the court started, I was told by Y** that the magistrate was not here today so the case will be postponed. I knew this time will be alright but still the feeling inside the court wasn’t that easy to describe. I’m just there sitting and I have this feeling already. Imagining how Y** feel? He must be double or more times of worried and those indescribable feeling that couldn’t be expressed. As what he told, the case will be postponed till next year, which means we’ll be facing this kind of situation and same kind of feeling again next time, or maybe the feeling will be more and more hard to describe? I don’t know.

This was my 3rd time entering the Miri Court. But this was my first time entering the court, sitting and hearing the case that I’m involved in. K** told me maybe and MAYBE, he need to be witness next time, and maybe me too?! I don’t know. Remember back when it’s my first time entering the court, visiting and experienced the court with my fellow friends and colleagues for our Mooting Competition, seeing one of the rape case in the high court, seeing how the lawyer questioned the witness. I saw it before. Imagining if I’m the one standing there. I don’t know how I will react if I’m the witness. Will I be calm? Will I be scared? Lotsa questions will be appearing in my mind. Hard to express. What will the next hearing will be like?

Ok. Now I’m trying to get rid of the tense tense atmosphere in my blog here. Speaking about mooting, let me talk and share about the Mooting Competition. Mooting is something where is something like the Court of Appeal, where there were some sort of like court proceeding too. To know more click here. I’d joined this competition last year together with my friends, Fish, Charlie, Ah Bui, Grace and also Jessie. This competition was organized by Bond University, the Faculty of Law, Australia. What I mean is the uni was located in Australia but the competition was held in Kuching High Court. =P

Our teams along with our teacher and the judges from Australia in the Kuching High Court

So, our school sent 2 teams last year where the first team was Charlie, Fish and Ah Bui, and another team was me, Grace and Jessie. Thanks to them I need to become the senior counsel for our team, whereas Charlie was the senior counsel for their team, Fish and Grace were the junior counsel and the other two were the acting solicitor, the one which I wanna be cause no need to talk in front of the judges. Haha~

My team, the second team along with our teacher

The senior counsel, junior counsel and the acting solicitor

Competed with various schools from Sarawak. Although we did not won, it was a good experienced for me and my friends though. We get to enter to the court and listen to the case and see how the lawyers questioned the witness all those, and we get to meet the judge too and he shared some of his experiences and some advices in mooting. Most important of all, I learned how the court proceeding will be like, how a lawyer trying to defend and protect his/her own client, get the chance to enter the Kuching High Court and of course, learned how to moot.

Team One.. Charlie, Fish and Ah Bui~

Team Two... Me, Grace and Jessie~

The two teams after everything~ =)

Being a lawyer wasn’t that easy though. One case he/she need to refer to a lot of previous cases and statements to conclude that his/her client was innocent in the case, getting prepare all the points and statements to defend the defendant, and getting ready the scripts also. Well, maybe for lawyers no need the scripts since they get used to it, but you know ho, ready-ing a mooting script took us few weeks to finish it ah~ Lucky to have nice friends. Thanks to Charlie and the angels, and also Seng too for helping me out for my script. =)

From the stacks of drafts till the few pieces of the real script... Dang!! It's a lot of work~ *ps. Yea~ I'm still keeping the scripts with me =D

The certificate of participation~

Well, that’s all from me now. Been typing a lot already. Till then. じゃね~

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