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Monday, December 10, 2007

Previous post was about Japanese Dramas and Animes that I’d watched. Now, is about movies that I’d watched until now. Most of them All of the movies below was watched by me in KK actually. Haha~ Well, won’t be watching in Miri though. Say me ‘kiam siap’ or what, Miri’s Cineplex don’t have any less or offer for students. But in KK, thanks to this…

My UMS Student Card!!!

… thanks to it I was able to watch all shows and movies for only RM5. Wakaka~ v(^.^)v Ok. Below are the movies that I’d watched during the whole semester in KK. Not all are watched in the cinema, some are watched using laptop. There it goes…

Pirates of the Caribbean 3, At World’s End. Watched this using laptop since I didn’t get to watch it in the cinema. An exciting movie and a nice one especially for guys and some girls. =)

Secret, 不能说的秘密, played by Jay Chou and Kwai Lun-Mei. A mysterious and back to the past and going to the future movie. The ending was some sort of exciting and with a happy ending.

Ratatouille, a rat who wants to be a chef movie. A hilarious ones which includes the friendship between the rats and human and also love story between humans.

Evan Almighty. Another movie that I used laptop to watch since they’re students who got the movie. A some sort of Noah’s Ark II movie. Worth watching though. You can learn how to build an ark by using the book of “How to Build an Ark for Dummies”. =)

Kung Fu Fighter, 工夫无敌. An action movie and also a story of a guy who are looking for his father. Recommended for those who loves to watch Kung Fu and a funny comedy film.

Knocked Up, an 18XX movie. A movie about a lady and a guy who had one night stand and end up together in a marriage.

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix. An all time favourite movie for everyone. Guess most of you guys watched it too right?

Hairspray. A highly recommended movie by me. Watch this if you like to watch musical movie. Some sort of like High School Musical. And also Zac Efron is so handsome!! =P

Because I Said So, played by Diane Keaton and Mandy Moore. A movie about a mother who’s being too over protective over her daughters.

Resident Evil 3, Extinction. Erm.. Not my type of movie but still can watch though if you like action all those killing and those gross gross stuffs.

The Dark Is Rising. No comment about it because I don’t really understand the story line for the whole movie. (>.<)

Brave Story, a Japanese cartoon movie. The story revolves around a 10 year old boy named Wataru, who must enter a fantasy world vision, to find a way to save his mother and himself from an unfair destiny.

Bullet and Brain, 神抢手&智多星. A funny, action packed, hilarious and nice movie. I was surprised and felt being fooled after finished watching the whole movie. Hiaks~

Stardust. One of the nice, romantic and exciting movies also. Filled with magics and love in the whole story.

Bee Movie. An animated film by Dream Works. A whole story about a life of bees of course. Haha~

Well, below are all the movies that I watched using laptop.

Blades of Glory, an 2007 movie. Highly recommended by me. It’s about two guys in the world of skating.

High School Musical 2, Disney Channel Original Movie. Highly recommended by me too. Continuance from High School Musical 1. I love it!!

Just Follow Law, 我在政府部门的日子, A Jack Neo film. One of the hilarious ones about two government officer’s story.

Nanny Mc Phee, an 2005 movie. An interesting movie on how a Nanny teaches the 5 lessons to the naughty children.

School of Rock, an 2003 movie. A story about how a rocker teaches the innocent junior high school children about music, erm.. Rock actually. =D

And last of all, the whole collections of American Pie movies. Some watched twice already. Well, don’t get horny during or after watching it. Haha~

Hm~ I guess there are still some of the movies that I’d watched but I just can’t remember. Hehe. That’s all for this post. Till then.

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