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Monday, July 09, 2007

Yo!! I'm back here for awhile to update about me here in UMS. Was doing my course registration just now. Last week was the orientation week. What I can say here is.. VERY VERY TIRING!!! Didn't get enough sleep actually. This morning too. Woke up very early just to grab the HOTTEST language course... JAPANESE!! Oh yeah!!! For your ingormation, I'll be taking japanese language too!! *next time I'll be talking japanese with you guys* Wakaka..

Will be starting my lextures this coming Wednesday. Still got lotsa stuffs needa be done. And also the most important stuff, MY HOSTEL!!! For me, thank GOD for letting me to have 3 chinese roomates. Some poor friends of mine. They're the only chinese in her room while the other three were non-chinese. The worst part is that.. One of my friend, and also my coursemate, her roomate scared he r off by telling her about the ghost stories that happened in that room!! Such an evil girl that's all I can say. And about my hostel here also, the DIGI line sucks alot!!! I Will Follow You konon. Follow till halfway hilang diri.. (-.-'') Plan to get another spare 012 number soon.

About my course, Mathematics with Economy, heard from some people that this course is very hard de le!!! (>.<) Die lo like that!! Well, some good thing about my course is that there are only one Malay in my course, no Bumiputras nor Indians!! Well, maybe more Chinese are more into Mathematics ba!! Haha. =P Finally about the whole university, what I can say here is the university here is very very big. VERY VERY BIG I CAN TELL YOU AH!! From my hostel, Hostel E (which is the furthest), to the Canselor Hall need 30 minutes walk you know?! There are uni buses but during orientation the bus provided was just only few only. So, most of the time is either we use the evil way to get into the bus or just walk from hostel to the hall. (-.-'') But now at least ok la. Since the lecture session is almost here, the bus provided will be alot more.

Gues I'll stop here for now. Talking too much. Will update soon if I get to online again. Cheers to everyone.. =)

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