Friday, July 20, 2007

Cool... Today is 20.07.2007!! A nice day today. A fine day for me since today is Friday. Which means it's near to weekend but still.. Haih.. I started to have assignments already!! The main thing here is... I DON'T EVEN KNOW WHAT THE HECK THE ASSIGNMENTS IS ALL ABOUT!!! It's about Logic Mathematics where me and my friends need to present a slide show presentation about the mathematicians profiles in the developement in logicism, intuitionism and formalism. (=.=") I guess you all also don't know what's that right? =P

Well, just bought a COMPAQ laptop yesterday in UMS's PC Fair which cost me RM2,799. The specs are ok for me. Will post about the details next time.. =)

Some soi things happened to me few days ago... My shirt been stolen. (>.<) The red and white stripes singlet where I like it so much been stolen!!! Dang!!! Luckily the shirt is just RM20 where I bought it in KL last year.. =D But still got abit keksi cause my fav shirt been stolen.. =\ Not only my shirt been stolen, my friends and roommates even lost some of their shirts also.. and even BRAS!!! (=.='') I wonder why there are people even bra also wanna steal..

Not going to bla much now. Cause actually the main purpose of onlining today is search the infos for our presentation starting the 30 July!!! Kampateh ne... Till next time I'll update again using my own laptop~ Sayonara~~

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