International Dance for Humanity 2007 I

Tuesday, June 26, 2007

The International Dance for Humanity with the theme “Together for International Peace and Harmony” was held on the 24 June, last Sunday, in Miri Indoor Stadium, organised by the Malaysian Red Crescent Society, Miri Chapter and was officiated by YB Datuk Patinggi Tan Sri Dr George Chan Hong Nam, Deputy Chief Minister(1) of Sarawak.

It is a fund-raising event through the kind patronage of supporters and well-wishers. The objectives for this event are:

  1. To promote Peace and Humanity through local, trans-national and socio-cultural exchanges.
  2. To promote international friendship and understanding through the participation of National Red Cross / Red Crescent Societies to amplify the principle of UNIVERSALITY.
  3. To enhance racial and cultural harmony and unity in our diversified society through cultural activities.
  4. To inculcate the spirit of CARING society through harnessing the support from the local and private sectors.

How INTERNATIONAL can it be you may ask? The performance & the presentation on that day was from local and also international troupes. What I can say here is that this 'Dance' function is the best ones that I ever seen in these few years. Besides the great and marvelous performance this year, this year is the most troupes participating for this function and also this year is the most audiences compared to the previous years.

I was there to help out too. A tiring day for me. Guess this is the last function I'll be participating in RC for this year before I'm going to UMS. Ok. Too much talkings. Pictures & video clips time!!!!

Anne & Me before the busy-ing

Anne, Henry & Me~

Before the event started.. Full with crowds and audiences...

One of the performance Anne managed to take

The must watched performance by Mary Chong Beauty World... Belly Dance.. *drooling*

Performance by the World Champion, Chung Hua Brass Band~

Didn't manage to take many photos due to our busy-ness. But Albert did manage to take some. Hope to see him upload it soon. =) So, besides the performance, and of course... There are lucky draws!!!

Those are the lucky draws for the adults. Children got to get bicycles as the lucky draw prizes. The event started around 1.30pm and end roughly at 8pm.

After the event, went to Pizza Hut with Anne, JJK, Hooi, Chen and Jason for dinner. After the dinner, we went for a little shopping before we went home. Well, guess that's all from me today. End this post up with this picture....

The 5 of us!!! JJK, Anne, Chen, Me and Hooi... Left this Fang Kuat and How!!!

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