Back Again For Updates!!

Sunday, July 22, 2007

Yeah!! Once again, I'm back for updates. Here again at Cheng Ye's here to celebrate his birthday today + onlining and update my blog too!! See, I'm such a nice blogger.. =P

Ok. Hm~ Still can't upload some of the pictures that I took in UMS here due to some sot-ness of the pc. (>.<) But will post the pictures up as soon as I got my Compaq lappy maybe tomorrow? or the day after tomorrow.. One thing I'm very worried now is about my assignment!! My logic maths assignment that I'd mentioned in my previous post. Dang! Dang! Dang! How am I going to start my presentation + assignment without knowing anything?! I mean, I read some infos and all those.. The next thing? I no idea liao!!! Hm.. Do you all understand what I'm talking about? Cause now I got abit don't understnad what I'm talking about lo.. =P Don't talk about assignments now. Let me talk about something that I very bu suang here in UMS. The uni bus driver here is DAMN RUDE I tell you!! Not only RUDE, they're VERY LAZY!!!

How rude you may say? Cause one day, me and my coursemate went up to the bus to go back to our hostel. Actually we shouldn't be going up to the bus at that bus stop. Which means, we needa go the opposite bus stop to went up to the bus if we wanna go back to the hostel. BUT WE DONNO MA!!! The bus driver scold us in the bus complaining that it's impossible that we don't know!! Hell la!! There's no rules or regulation saying that we cannot wait for bus at there when we wanna go back to the hostel!! And you know what the bus driver said?! At that time, only the 2 of us girls are in the bus.. And the lousy male driver also.

He scold us and said:"Kamu ada tengok ini kah?" (He was holding a baloon holder) "Kamu nak kena pukul kah? Saya guna ini untuk pukul kamu!!" Hell him!! He's so rude. I said back that we really don't know ma.. Then he said:"OK la.. Sekarang kamu tahu, lain kali mahu ulang lagi kah?" I replied with a bu-suang tone:"Sekarang tahu sudah memang tidak akan ulang lagi lah!!" You know what he said?! He said:"Kamu cakap dengan tone yang macam ini, saya tidak percaya kamu tidak akan ulang lagi"

!(@*#&()*!^$)&amp;amp;amp;*!#^$)&^!%#)!@$*(&#!*($^&!*#$&)!(#$ Hell him!!!! Curse him!!! (>.<) Fine.. I'll stop here if not I'll be getting mad and mad again.. That's all from me now. Take care and GOD Bless.

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