Danson & Chun in Malaysia XI

Friday, June 08, 2007

Like I'd mentioned before,today the 8864 e-news will be airing the exclusive programme about Danson & Chun at Jalan Alor on the 26th May, Saturday, around 8.30 pm. And below is the clip. Thanks Anne for helping me to record.

Look at Danson when he's eating satay!! Dang!! Makes me feel like wanna eat satay too!! (>.<) And look at how Chun chopped the chicken~ Pro leh~ Ee... Next time when they come again, I really wanna see them!! (>.<)

And below is the one recorded by me at around 6.55pm after Hanakimi.. Sorry cause my not so good hp suddenly restarted so I recorded halfway.. But actually, is the same one la~ Haha...

That's all from me today~ Enjoy your days~

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