One Night At Sea Horse Bistro~

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Went out last night with some friends, Anne, JJK, Ah Hooi and Ah Chen for dinner. At first, we planned to dine at Kingwood. Who knows they didn't open~ (=.=) So, we end up dining at here...

Sea Horse Bistro~ Nice & romantic enviroment~

Yea~ Everything was nice there~ Even the foods and drinks were so NICE too~ (>.<) Really ended up almost-bankrupt last night~ Haha~ The food was delicious too~ But still, it's not enough for me~ So, we end up going for a second round.. but not at here... at Yong Le Cafe~ Eating wantan.. Haha~

A great night out last night. Chat from around 8pm till 11.30pm~ =P For sure, as a camwhore-girl, I'll sure take pictures and post it here right? Haha~ Pictures time~

Anne, Hooi, Chen, JJK...

... and me~

Started to camwhore...

... and camwhore~ Lols~

Me & Anne~

Chen & Me~

Well, guess that's all from me today. Didn't tend to type much cause I'm sick again.. This time is cough, flu and headache!! Hope I won't get any fever later. (>.<) Take care everyone~

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