Sri Mawar Kindergarten's Teacher's Day Celebration

Sunday, May 27, 2007

Last Friday, 25th May, Sri Mawar Kindergarten celebrated their Teacher's Day Celebration. Well, of course I'm a teacher also so I get to celebrate this day!!! Guess it's my first time celebrating it as a teacher~ Haha. So, I got some presents from the students and also from the school. One funny thing is the student really don't know how to pronounce and even spell my name. Instead of Teacher Xin Ying, they called me Teacher Ying Ying. But when it comes to writing my name...

One of my student wrote Teacher Yen Yen!! (-.-'') My name got so hard to write mer?!

Hehe~ Besides presents, there was a class party where students brought foods to celebrate. My class's students brought alot of cakes!! It's a lot I can tell you~ Besides cakes, got plenty of snacks, noodles, agar-agar, different kinds of breads and muffins etc.

Got to took one of the cakes picture. This cake is nice.. I mean the pattern~ Haha!!

That's what happened the whole morning. Because that day I'm not feeling so well, not in a mood to eat so much. (>.<) After eating, cleaning up, some students went back already. Left some students in class doing this...

Playing very roughly!! Uncontrol-able~ Keep scolding them also no use.. (=.=)

But at least when I said I wanna take their pic, they still very guai~ From below was Wanthur Yong, Clarence Yeo, Voon Yii Kiet, Kenneth Lim, Muhd Afiq, Laura, Chua Hui Vun and Su Khin Lay Thun~

And I got one student, Voon Yii Kiet to take a picture with me~

Around 12++ noon, finally I got back home bringing lotsa stuffs home.. See~

Got presents, cakes, snacks and other foods!!

Till now I still get to finish all of it~ Haha~ Want some? Hehe~ That's all from me today. Today Danson and Chun will be off from KL~ Heard from people that Chun now is on his way back to Brunei~ Woooo~ Just next to me only!! Anne~ Faster come back we go Brunei!! Haha!! Now Danson most probably still in KL ba~ Not sure what time is his flight. But hope to see some pics soon. Will post about Danson and Chun in Malaysia tomorrow. Or maybe Tuesday~ Need to gather alot of pics first!! Take care everyone~

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