Sri Mawar Kindergarten's Phototaking Session

Thursday, May 24, 2007

Yesterday was the Sri Mawar's phototaking session. So, the class and teacher photos were taken by the photographers from the Broadway Studio. Since this year the Level 3's students will be graduating from kindergarten soon, of course they'll be wearing the graduation robe and mortarboard for their class photos and their personal graduation photos. Gee~ How come last time don't have this kind of thingy at my year?! (>.<) So, I did take this chance to take some pictures of my adorable students~

See their cute faces~ Kong Wan Wee, Clarence Yeo, Kenneth Lim and Ling Kang Jia~

Clarence Yeo, Ryan Tiong and Kenneth Lim~ This reminds me of the St. Joe's Clarence Tang and Ryan Foong~ Clarence Tang is skinny and Ryan Foong is okok~ But this Clarence and this Ryan.. You can see it by yourself.. Hehe~

Roxanne Tang, Kong Wan Wee and Ling Kang Jia~

Kenneth Lim and Ryan Tiong~ These two are among the naughty ones...

Howard Ch'ng.. Small, cute and adorable~

Roxanne Tang~ Tell you all one thing, her mum is a hot and sexy babe!! See her daughter pretty face also know liao... Haha~

Kong Jo Ey~ A quiet and pretty girl.. Poor her~ She was sick that day~

Tay Qin Yuan~ Cute~

After the class phototaking, comes personal graduation pictures~ It's Chua Hui Vun's turn~

.. and this is Wanthur Yong~ He's one of the only one which his face is full of unique expressions and also one of the talkative ones~

Since I didn't get to wear one during my time...

... so I take two of my pic with the mortarboard on~ *wink*

The phototaking session took the whole morning of the school period. Phew~ Was a busy day yesterday.

Today is the 24th May. Which means tomorrow, Danson sweety and Chun honey will be going to KL tomorrow!! Dang!! I want to go and see them!! (>.<)

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