The Kong's S.H.E

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

I guess everyone knows the Taiwanese famous group star, S.H.E, which includes Selina, Hebe and Ella. Well, for some reason, till now then I realised something very can-say-funny, which is related to this S.H.E~

Hmm~ Like most of the people know that my other name is called Ella. But I think seldom people call me this name ba~ Haha~ Ok. I'm Ella Kong. And I tell you what, only till now my brain starts to functioning and reminds me that the Sri Mawar Kindergarten's principal called Miss Selina Kong.

This means, there's me, Ella Kong, and the principal, Selina Kong. Now left Hebe Kong~ So, anyone out there called Hebe Kong? If there's one, please do drop by and leave your message here.. Like that we can form a Kong's version S.H.E!!! Haha~ Who knows one day we can be as popular as them yea?! Haha~ *Mind me from talking nonsense*

That's all from me now~ Take care everyone~ =)

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