Sri Mawar Kindergarten's Open Day 2007

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

On the 12 of May, which is last Saturday, was the Sri Mawar Kindergarten's Open Day. As one of their teacher, of course I need to be there too!! I assisted in selling drinks. Mineral water and some can drinks for so expensive!! RM1.50 forone bottle of mineral water and RM2 for one can drink!! Expensive is expensive, but we did managed to sold finished it!! This really proves that Sri Mawar student's can consider as RICH excluded me~ Lol~ But how come my salary not that high de le? Haha!!

Ok. Back to the main topic. Open Day!! The main purpose of Open Day is to let the parents see their children's art work, their study performance in school. This time, to attract more parents to come, the school got the students into some performance so that their parents would come too!! Too much of talkings liao... There's lotsa pictures to share with you guys.. Enjoy!!

p.s No pictures for the students performance. Cause I'm busy selling those drinks~ =)

Some artworks... Level 1's self made cards and heart shaped cards...

... and also.. their self-made seahorses and starfishes.. NICE!!

Level 2's art work... their coloured and hand-printed sun picture and their plants...

... their self-made owl thingy.. and the hanging spiral thingy.. creative~

Level 3's art work... Hm~ Not really sure what's those stuffs actually.. Didn't exactly looked at it.. Haha!!

... their pictures and self-wrote about themselves...

... their self made Mother's Day card and also fishes!!

My class art work.. Level 3 Bluebell and Lotus.. they made tortoises...

... and Easter Eggs!!

The Chinese Department... Beautiful!!

The main character for THIS POST!! PICTURES from year 1985 till now!! Which means.. Me and some others are in there too!! Let us spot us!!!

Me in Level One... Haha~ I remembered when I was that age, I cried everyday.. CAUSE I DON'T WANNA GO TO SCHOOL!!!

Level Two's me!! Same thing happened.. Cried everyday.. Cause the BM teacher very fierce.. Haha.. Actually there's some people same class with me. Like Hsien Loong, Bryan Lee, Sian Fah etc.

Level 3's me.. On a visit to some helicopter place...

... Ah Loong was here too!!!

And I spotted Kenneth too~ =) All so cute... Lol!!

And Chiam!! During concert...

And saw Jeremy too!! Kekeke!!

Actually there's alot of pictures that I spotted a lot of my friends... To my friends that I posted your pictures, you won't mind ho? Cause got some like Fancy Dress pictures I don't wanna post.. That one too erm.. donno how to say~ Haha.. I think this pictures was enough to fill this Open Day's post liao ba!! That's all from me today. GOD Bless everyone~

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