3 Years Old の Miri Resort City

Sunday, May 20, 2007

Miri was declared as a resort city on the 20th May, 2005. Today is Miri City's 3rd Year Anniversary!! I still remember on 2005, there was this parade going on in the town and WOW!! There's lotsa.. I mean LOTSA people~ That time was my first time seeing the town and the City Fan was full & crowded with people~

The most famous banner during 2005.. I Am Miri...

Last year, there was still a parade going on too. But with a theme of love and happiness as reflected in a mass wedding where there are 10 couples with different races got married on the same day and on the parade!! Witnessed by all of us~ Lols~ Last year's parade was ok ok.. Cause I got to see people wearing those beautiful wedding dresses and gowns during the parade!!

Some wedding couples during parade... The Chinese couples~

The Malay Couples...

... and also got the Bumi couples~

This year, hm.. Not so 'hot' than last two years. Cause I didn't attend the parade at City Fan last night. And most of my friends din get to go too? Why? I wonder.. Lols~ But still, some of my friends did went to the parade but i din get to ask how's the parade. So, no comment about it~

Today I did went to Boulevard Hypermarket and there's this May Flower Wedding Fair going on where there were some models wearing beautiful wedding dress on stage and was make-d up by the make up artists while below the stage were a lot of different hotels and studios promoting their own stuffs relating to this wedding thingy. And I did get to take some pictures down!!

The whole view for the Wedding Fair...

.. where there's this make up show on the stage~

... and some galleries...

... from different hotels and...

... studios too~

Not forgetting the wedding dress~ This silver one is cool!!

Guess that's all for today. Happy 3 Years Old Miri City~ Take care everyone~

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