Happy Mother's Day

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Went to town with Anne & JJK on Friday night to prepare our gifts for our beloved mum. I bought a necklace for mummy and a pendant for my grandma~ JJK bought his mum a necklace too.. While Anne... most probably bed sheet ba~ While shopping halfway.. We met David Law!! He's back from UMS, Sabah, now having his semester break. So, after shopping, we stopped at a cafe point, and had our supper and also Chit-Chat-ed alot~

It's a great nite that day. Especially when I get to buy the gifts for my mama and my grandma!! Today is Mother's Day~ What do you give for your mum? Did you obey and love her alot? How much do you care for her? Take this Mother's Day opportunity and think about it.. Love, care and obey your parents before it's too late.

Lastly, I dedicate this short animated clip to all the mother's in the world.. It's a nice and sweet song called 媽媽的愛有多少斤, Ma Ma De Ai You Duo Shao Jing, by 阿牛, Ah Niu. This song actually means that mother's love is uncountable~ Enjoy...


兩斤蒜頭兩塊一 馬鈴薯賣塊七
一二三四五六七 茶醋油鹽米
炒一碟菜 油要放幾滴

.:: Happy Mother's Day ::.

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