Who's Nickky!!!

Thursday, April 26, 2007

Before I continue this post, THIS POST IS STRICTLY FOR READERS WHO ARE 18 AND ABOVE!! Because there will be some *tooot*tooot* stuffs going on in this post. =)

Ok. Now, readers, listen!!

A must to listen~ It's hilarious and is so so so *tooot*. All I can say I'd been laughing non-stop while I was listening. Haha~ Will take a few minutes for you guys to finish listening to the conversation. But I tell you. You won't regret.

Moral of the story I can say after listening to the conversation:
  1. Guys, specially married ones, please la.. No more Buddha Calls Booty Calls for you!! This is so.. urgh~ Unforgivable!!
  2. Arranged marriage is so so so so not really going to work out for people nowadays. So, screw it up~
  3. Indian women don't use their mouth.. But Americans do.. (o.O) Doinks~
  4. When you got a call saying that you won something, Duh!! Only blurry people like me will believe it!!
  5. Men, men, please be loyal to your other half please. Women too!! Women sometimes happens to be cheating on her other half too...
  6. Remember, whatever things we're doing, GOD is watching over us.

Hmm~ I forgot where I got this from. Anyway, thanks for the person for sharing. That's all for today. Today I can say, It's hot-boring-donno-wat-to-do day... Take care everyone...

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