Random Thoughts II

Sunday, April 29, 2007

Hm... What am I thinking today? Well, lets see...

What can I be in the future?

An optician? Or and optometrist?

Hm.. Or a doctor instead? Call me Dr. Ella Kong!!

Or a psychologist? I hope to be one...

Or even a skeleton?! Eh.. What is this skeleton doing here? (-.-'')

Or a famous singer like William Hung.. Pretend I didn't said that~

Or a dentist maybe? Nah~

Or a model instead?! Erm.. nevermind...

A lawyer instead? Nope... I'm not really good in debating~ =P

A maths teacher for me?! Just hope I didn't make any careless mistakes.. Ha!

A chef maybe? Definitely no!! Cause later I'll finish all those meals.. Kekeke~

A perfume sales lady instead? Nah~ I don't know how to attract customers...

How about pharmacist? Gee~ Better don't.. Later give wrong medicine.. (>.<)

No matter what I wanna be, or what am I going to be in the future, all I can do now is study my very best when I'm inside university and be an active girl... =)

God Bless Me~

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