My 100th Post Dedicated To Danson

Sunday, April 22, 2007

This is my 100th post!! Actually I din really realised it till I planned to post somethings about Danson~ Wow!! My 100th post is dedicated to the sweety Danson!!

Few days ago, he went to Nan Gang High, Taiwan, for performance. He sang two new songs, which is 愛到一公里之外, Ai Dao Yi Gong Li Zi Wai, and 愛的記憶體, Ai De Ji Yi Ti. Thanks to this girl here for posting her recorded video (I think) during Danson's performance.

After watching both of Danson's new song, I browsed her album!! And guess what I found out?! She get to TAKE PICTURES WITH DANSON!! Not one pictures, IS A LOT A LOT!! Not, only taking pictures, she get to talk to him, and got a lot of his SIGNATURES!!! And Danson remembered her!! Oh Dang!! That girl was definitely one of the REALLY LUCKY GIRL!! Besides Danson, she get to take other stars picture too!! She's so so DANG LUCKY!! And I'm really really JEALOUS already~ (>.<) Since this 100th post is dedicated to Danson, and of course, I'm here hoping that one day I'll get to meet him, hear him singing on stage and for sure, if got this chance, talk to him too. He's one of the talented one also. Love his songs a lot =) All the best to him!!!

Lastly, I'll end my 100th post with Danson's picture~ =)

Sweetest Danson~

Aren't he good looking? (^.^) Jia You!!!

That's all for now~ Take care everyone!!

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